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About us

As a family business, the Hordijk Group is a prominent supplier of products and services for the food & agriculture sector. We are active both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our history goes back almost 100 years. In 1922, Groeneveld Hordijk established his Hordijk carpentry. From his network he had good contacts with horticulturists. At their request, he specialised in wooden packaging for the horticultural sector.

Continue to grow

Nowadays, we have about 500 people working for us, own various production companies and reach a turnover of 125 million Euro a year. We produce, among other things, plastic packaging for (fresh) food products and we develop greenhouse systems made from steel and aluminium.

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The businesses

Our organisation consists of four prominent and specialised subsidiaries:

Together with Miko Pac from Belgium, Hordijk has a sales organisation in Germany, Miko-Hordijk GmbH.

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